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Virtual Learning Journey

Join us on an interactive virtual learning journey combining our comprehensive finance and banking e-learning courses and videos, with your trusted classroom provider and proven webinar software to ensure you receive the best possible learning experience and outcomes in 2020.

fitforbanking e-learning is highly credible in how closely it reflects the realities of life on the desk – it is the ideal foundation from which you can leverage a highly successful virtual learning journey.

Our curriculum is both broad and deep: 280 modules of interactive e-learning and 65 short-form videos which will both engage and challenge your learners. Your teams will embrace the opportunity to delve into the inspirational videos and interactive modules and work through proof of concept with our spreadsheets with formulae and VBA.

We would be delighted to discuss with you how to leverage the fitforbanking e-learning in your transition to offering more virtual training.

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LIBOR Countdown - Navigating the Transition

The LIBOR benchmark rate is the most important interest rate in the world, with more than USD 350 trillion of derivatives, loans or mortgages referencing this rate – and it will be replaced by 2021! Banks and regulators have worked to replace LIBOR with alternative reference rates such as SOFR, SONIA, ESTER, SARON, or TONA. In the brand-new primer "Risk Free Rates", you will learn how to differentiate between in-advance and in-arrear rates, how to calculate average compound interest rates, understand LIBOR fall back language, and finally be able to explain forward term rates.

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Learn about your digital footprint

Fintechs play an increasing role in the credit market. Besides new connectivity techniques, Fintechs have introduced several IT innovations into the consumer lending market such as User Interfaces, Biometric Authentication, NLP (Natural Language Processing), and Machine Learning Algorithms. In the new series „Credit Risk Management“, you will not only learn about this but also about your informative digital footprint which permits predictions about payment behavior.

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Introducing ESG Investments

'Sustainable Investing Goes Mainstream' was the headline of the WSJ in February 2019. The ESG criteria on Environmental, Social and Governance are becoming increasingly important for investors. Take a deep dive into the criteria, the world-wide standards, and how to measure ESG exposure in the brand-new module "ESG Investments" in Series 42 - Wealth Management - Investment Strategy.

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