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Develop technical skills of tomorrow's banking and finance world.

Flexible offer with different approaches for different learning styles:


280 interactive eLearning courses (30 - 60 minutes) with proven highest quality curated content from introductory to advanced levels in all areas of Financial Services - with real market data feed from Refinitiv


Video based eLearning content (3 - 5 minutes) with short, inspirational videos with audio commentary


150 Excel spreadsheets with case studies, simulations, and open VBA code for a hands-on experience

Book point

E-Learning Course Summaries to revisit your work for offline reading


Constant review of content plus new course development - included in the package.


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Switch between computer, laptop, or mobile device


Unlimited Access to over 330 hours of AI-enhanced learning: an algorithm intuitively suggests 3 most relevant options for you after you have closed a module


Online tutor
Get support from a global pool of in-house industry experts


Topics of eLearning courses you can choose from:

Courses are organized in the following series and range from basic financial concepts to complex analytical and quantitative topics.

  • Series 1: The Fundamentals of Banking
  • Series 2: Principles of Investment Banking
  • Series 3: Money Market
  • Series 4: Foreign Exchange
  • Series 5: Securities Operation
  • Series 6: Fixed Income Securities
  • Series 7: Fixed Income Strategies
  • Series 8: Equity Markets
  • Series 9: Equity Research and Valuation
  • Series 10: Equities & Structured Products
  • Series 11: Ethical Behavior
  • Series 12: Introduction to Portfolio Management
  • Series 13: Advanced Portfolio Management
  • Series 14: Derivative Products
  • Series 15: Commodities
  • Series 16: Structured Products
  • Series 17: Trading and Execution
  • Series 18: Market Risk Management
  • Series 19: Credit Risk
  • Series 20: OTC Counterparty Credit Risk
  • Series 21: Credit Derivatives/Indices
  • Series 22: Securitization
  • Series 23: Managing Banks
  • Series 24: BIS Compliance
  • Series 25: Digital Awareness
  • Series 26: Blockchain Technology in Banks
  • Series 27: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (unsupervised)
  • Series 28: Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (supervised)
  • Series 29: Deep Learning
  • Series 30: Trade Finance
  • Series 31: Project Finance
  • Series 32: Corporate Finance
  • Series 33: Corporate Valuation
  • Series 34: Real Estate Market
  • Series 35: Financial Reporting & Analysis
  • Series 36: General Accounting
  • Series 37: Accounting Financial Instruments
  • Series 38: Economic Analysis
  • Series 39: Customer Analysis
  • Series 40: Investor Psychology
  • Series 41: Wealth Management - An Introduction
  • Series 42: Wealth Management - Investment Strategy
  • Series 43: Wealth Management - Financial Planning
  • Series 44: Wealth Management - Structured Products
  • Series 45: Rules & Regulation
  • Series 46: Financial Econometrics
  • Series 47: Understanding Pricing Techniques
  • Series 48: Quantitative Analysis

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"Being always accessible - great catalogue with concrete examples - good way to transform difficult notion into 60 minute eLearning"


"The content is well structured and the coverage is good. It includes really practical knowledge that usually obscure to people who has no banking experience. On the same time it also touches the theoretical points where even experience people could get lost."

Blended Learning

Blended Learning

Combining digital learning with face-to-face classroom training, delivered by subject-matter experts to make a maximum impact. Instructor-led courses range from 90-minute virtual sessions to one or two day workshops.

We work together with top tier training firms to ensure a real blended learning experience, using mapped eLearning courses.